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Reading & Writing Residencies

We hold reading and writing residencies for professional, amateur and new writers and readers. For this first stage of the project, we are particularly interested in people who live in Lancashire, Coventry and Warwickshire. We will be holding an open call for both areas in the future (sign up to our newsletter or visit our Instagram to find out more), but we will also be actively looking, ferreting and digging about for those readers and writers who may not usually apply, with our local partners, local groups, visitors and our eyes/ears/noses/instinct.

We will do this in our Star Trek Discovery/Donna Haraway/Octavia Butler/Robin Wall Kimmerer/Victoria Wood kind of way with a few recs, chip shops, nail bars and leisure centres site visits thrown in. We are constantly looking, reading, thinking and challenging systems; that’s our work. If you are inclined to write something or anything, get in touch. Or if reading nothing but turn of the century women’s occult for a day or two or staring at passing swans while drinking tea in the early morning mist after a particular shocking China Miéville short story, or watching cowslips tremble in the summer wind while Maya Angelou whispers in your ear feels right, please get in touch.

It has a galley, library, writer’s room, bathroom, reading salon, room for 12 passengers and comfortably sleeps 2 people.

We are a public library so we can offer support if you need it, for childcare costs, caring duties, travel, food, work commitments, access etc. We practice double empathy, so we are ready to move our way of being in the world to understand your way of being in the world.

Our wonderful residents include: Sarah Scofield, Jamie Holman, Alex Zawadzki, Ryan Christopher, Anneka French, Melissandre Varin and many more.

Sarah Schofield

I am delighted to be the first writer-in-residence on this wonderful vessel. I am a short story writer based in Lancashire. I live beside the Leeds & Liverpool canal, which has left watermarks in many of my stories over the years.

Writing aboard The RV Furor Scribendi – being suspended in the water – will offer a new perspective. I hope to be a little unsure about my footing, trusting the boat to hold me and let me explore new ideas.

During my residency, I’ll read unfamiliar stories in Furor Scribendi’s magnificent short story library and I’ll try something new and unexplored in my own writing, creating a story that works like a ship’s log. I hope to journey along the canal aboard Furor Scribendi to help me write something that will be an invitation to the reader to tell their own story – all of our stories settling like silt in rich layers. Through locks, under bridges… I can’t wait for the journey to start.

Sarah Schofield’s stories have been published in a number of Comma Press anthologies and other places. Sarah is a lecturer of Creative Writing at Edge Hill University and runs workshops in a variety of community settings. Her debut short story collection will be published in November with Comma Press.

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